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City of Hull's Hall of Fame - Hull's outstanding arts scene has never been any secret to those lucky enough to know the city, and today it's a booming and with an increasing recognition and reputation reaching far beyond the city walls. Over the years, the city has moulded and produced many actors and comedians - something it will undoubtably continue to do for years to come. In this section of the Hull of Fame, you can explore some of Hull's most famous entertainers; John Godber, Maureen Lipman, Sir Tom Courtenay, Ian Carmichael, Reece Sheersmith, etc.

Plus further down; we have a Hull on Film section.

Hull Hall of Fame, Actors, stars and comedians from the Hull and East Yorkshire area.

John Alderton John Alderton fine actor and was also a fantastic narrator of the early Fireman Sam puppet series before the new sinister carton era started. Grew up in Hessle Road area and regularly seen in Hessle area. Star of the theatre, TV and the Movies.  TV includes Upstairs Down Stairs, Please Sir! as well as the early Fireman Sam. Movies he was in Calendar Girls and Zardoz. Married to Pauline Collins. 
Please Sir! - The Complete Series Box Set [DVD]
Lucy Beaumont A rising star from the City of Hull, started to hit the scene as a comedian, but is now also an actor scriptwriter, producer with her own series on Radio 4. She is also a regular on TV quiz shows and Radio 4.  BBC did a fine documentary on Lillian Billocca and her remarkable story called Hull's Headscarf Heros. It was beautifully narrated by Hull's Lucy Beaumont.
Ian Carmichael Ian Carmichael (1920-2010)  had a long glittering history on stage and screen. One of his more famous films was I'm Alright Jack. He starred along side many household names, like Peter Sellers, Margaret Rutherford, Clark Gable, etc. Fims include;  Private's Progress, Lord Peter Wimsey -
His autobiography is called This Charming Man: The Life of Ian Carmichael
Sir Tom Courtenay Sir Tom Courtenay is a Hull legend, recently given the freedom of the City of Hull. He has been in famous plays, films and TV Series. Some of his key roles include; Billy Liar , The Night Of The Generals, King & Country.
Norman Collier Long Serving Comedian (1925-2013). TV Regular. His autobiography is entitled  Just a Job: The Recollections of Comedian Norman Collier
24 starring Liam Garrigam from Hull Liam Garrigan   Liam Garrigan played key roles in many TV Series, including Transformers: Last Knight, Land Girls, Strike Back, 24: Live Another Day,Holby City and Irish TV top Drama called Raw on RTE.
John Godber Outstanding playwrite and actor. Been a living legend or many years at Hull's Spring Street AKA as Hull Truck Theatre. Plays include Up 'n' Under [DVD], Shakers, Teechers, On the Piste, etc. These plays have been on major UK tours and at Edinburgh Fringe. Now based in Cottingham, East Yorkshire.
Chris Hees Hull born BAFTA award winning, OSCAR nominated film-maker and Producer. He is also on the Hull City of Culture board. Works include; The Bigger Picture, How I Didn't Become a Piano Player.
Kay Kendall Kay Kendall   Kay Kendall (1926-1959). From Withernsea, in East Yorkshire, There is a fabulous memorial to this Hollywood star at Withernsea Lighthouse.
Dororthy MacKaill Dorothy MacKaill   Dorothy MacKaill Broadway actor who starred in many movies including the silent movie era. She loved Hawaii and moved there. Even had some cameo roles in the Haiwaii 5 0 series in the late 70s. Movies included; The Flirting Widow, Picture Brides ,Safe In Hell, Bulldog Drummond At Bay.
Maureen Lipman CBE Not just a Hull Treasure but a National Treasure. Star of stage, film and TV Fims include The Pianist, Educating Rita and Oklahoma. Also on Radio 4 a fair bit. She is a natural entertainer and is one of those people that when you know she is involved , whatever it is, it will be great!
Anthony Minghella CBE Oscar winning Director and Sciptwriter  (1954 - 2008) who attended Hull University and was also a Professor there for a while. The movie The English Patient was probably his vangard winning 9 Oscars
Marjorie Rhodes Hardworking Award Winning Hull Born Actress, Marjorie Rhodes (1897 - 1979), star of the stage and screen. In many of the popular shows of the sxties and seventies; Z-CARS, Dixon of Dock Green, Randall and Hopkirk, Doctior at Large. She starred in All in Good time on Broadway before featuring in the film version too called The Family Way.
Hull Hall of Fame - Andrew Lincoln  Andrew Lincoln   Andrew Lincoln grew up in his formative years before heading South. Starred in Teachers and also The Walking Dead - The Complete Season 1-6 [DVD] and Canterbury Tales - The Man of Law's Tale - Andrew Lincoln & Nikki Amuka-Bird - BBC [DVD].
Roy North Hull Hall of Fame Roy North   Hull born Roy North was Basil Brush's sidekick for many years.He has also made appeareances in many series like; The Bill, Trollied, Judge John Deed, Red, Bergerac, etc. Get a Blast of the Past with this DVD of Basil Brush: Boom! Boom! - The Best Of Basil Brush.
Reece Shearsmith Hull born Actor, Writer and Comedian. Reece is one of the creators of the iconic series the League of Gentlemen - Complete Collection .  He also co-wrote Psychoville Series 1 and 2 . As an actor he has been in many plays, Radio and TV Series; including; Dr Who, Car Share, Burke and Hare, Would I lie to you, The First Men in the Moon, Chasing Shadows, etc.
Debra Stephenson Actor, Comedian, Singer and Impressionist, stars in many TV and Radio series. Debra starred in Dead Ringers Her other TV Series include; Bad Girls: The Complete Collection, Playing The Field: Series 1 And 2 [DVD] , Coronation Street, Holby City, Waterloo Road. She was also a winner on Opportunity Knocks. Her first Album was called In the Sunshine
Tolkein in Hull JRR Tolkein  

JRR Tolkein was in the Hull area recuperating during World War one. He stayed in Hull at what is noiw the Denison Centre in Hull Unviersity. He also stayed in Roos and Kilnsea. These areas have been dubbed the Tolkein Triangle. Some of the local place names feature in his books. Get The DVDS The Hobbit Trilogy - Extended Edition, The Lord of the Rings:

Gerald Thomas Hull born producer (1920 - 1993), involved in the "Carry On" movies throughout the many years they ran.  Carry On - The Complete Collection.
Lord Brian Rix Lord Brian Rix CBE Cottingham born Lord Brian Rix famous writing and acting in many farces. He grew up in Hornsea. His work included; Life in the Farce Lane, Nothing Barred. Lord Rix was also an advocate for people with Learning Difficulities. He was Chair of Mencap for many years. Donate to Mencap. Lord Rix has a son who is a prolific childrens book author, Jamie Rix known for his Grizzly Tales series. See also his sister Sheila Mercier.
Sheila Mercier Hull Hall of Fame  Sheila Mercier    Sheila Mercier born Sheila Rix. Sister to Lord Rix starred in Emmerland Farm for 22 years from its start till 1992 but with occaisional cameo roles until 2009.  Her autobiography; Annie's Song: My Life and "Emmerdale"
Eleanor Tomlinson Hull Hall of Fame Eleanor Tomlinson   Eleanor Tomlinson went to school in the Beverley area. She has starred in; PoldarkJack The Giant Slayer, The Illusionist. Comes from an acting family would like to know if they have connections with the area too.
Anna Maxwell Martin - Hull Hall of Fame Anna Maxwell Martin   Anna Maxwell Martin award winning actress born in Beverely. She has starred in Death Comes to Pemberley, South Riding, etc
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City of Hull Hall of Fame: Hull on Film showing films and TV shows made in Hull

Hull Hall of Fame. Hull as a city has stunning old streets like the Museum Quarters make it an ideal movie location. Over the years, the city has been a few movies like Clockwise starring John Cleese, David Suchet in Poirot, David Jason in Hull and Back plus a classic Ferrero Rocher Advert.

Hull Hall of Fame - City of Hull on Film

Poirot Paragon Poirot - Plymouth Express / Nest of Wasps This episode of Agatha Christies Poirot with David Suchet had scenes shot at Hull's Paragon station. Poirot: The Plymouth Express/ Wasp's Nest.
Clockwise filmed across Hull Clockwise   This John Cleese move was filmed across Hull. Cottingham Road - where McDonalds is now used to be a Shell station. Hull Paragon Station was used for the train scenes. Some domestic scenes were filmd in Houses in the posh end of Town Kirkella Willerby area. Add Clockwise to your collection.
Fools and Horses -in Hull  Only Fools and Horses - To Hull and Back. David Jason's TV Movie with him playing Del-Boy Only Fools and Horses - To Hull and Back. You only see bits of the Docks and the Humber Bridge but it is still Hull.
Beverley Minster - Hall of fame Beverley Minster   Beverley Minster gets used regularly for filming. It is similar in layout to Westminster Cathederal, so is used as an alternate. Recent examples include two BBC's series Charles III and also Gunpowder.
      Ferrero Rocher Advert  was filmed  at Hull Paragon Station in wintertime in the later part of the 1980's in Hull Paragon Station. Featured stunning steam engine City Of Wells
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