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Hull and East Yorkshire have had many great inspirational engineers, explorers, scientists and politicians throughout the years who have made their mark on the World. One of Hull's foremost people who was key to the abolition of slavery in the Victorian days. Record Breaking Brave Aviator Amy Johnson was also from the Hull and East Yorkshire area. Lillian Bilocca who fought for health and safety of the UK fishing fleet and won!

The Venn diagram hails from Hull University and the screen you are reading this webpage on will have been based on Liquid Cristal Technology developed in Hull University.

Innovators, Explorers, Business Guru's, Scientists, Soldiers and Politicians from Hull and East Yorkshire

William Wilberforce - Slave Trade Abolotionist William Wilberforce Hull born politician William Wilberforce (1759-1833) became an MP aged just 21. He fought tirelessly for the slave trade to be ceased. He took several bills before the UK Parliament and managed to get them passed eventually, the last one just three days before his death. There is a William Wilberforce Museum in Hull. William Hague recently wrote a biography about Wilberforce - William Wilberforce: The Life of the Great Anti-Slave Trade Campaigner
Lillian Bilocca - Headscarf Revolutinary Lillian Bilocca along with other Headscarf Revolutionaries; Yvonne Blenkinsop, Christine Jensen, Mary Denness Lillian Bilocca - Headscarf Revolutionary led a campaign for the safety of fishing fleet. It led to a new Fisherman's Charter by Harold Wilson's Labour Government. It followed tragic loss of three trawlers that shook the city and the whole fishing industry. Read more The Headscarf Revolutionaries: Lillian Bilocca and the Hull Triple-Trawler Disaster and Turning the Tide. She has plaques in her memory in Hull located at the Maritime Museum and on Hassle Road. BBC did a fine documentary called Hull's Headscarf Hero's, narrated by Hull's Lucy Beaumont.
John Hotham - locked out the King! Sir John Hotham Sir John Hotham (1589 - 1645)an MP and Governor of Hull. In 1642, he refused King Charles I entry to the City of Hull. This prevented the King access to  a large arsenal of weapons. This was the catalyst for the English Civil War - the war of the roses.  The remains of the Gate, the king was locked out from, still exists and can be seen at the bottom of the street known as Whitefriargate.
Books for further research; English Civil War, The English Civil Wars: 1640-1660
Amy Johnson - Aviation Pioneer Amy Johnson
Amy Johnson Aviation Pioneer, Adventurer and Explorer. Amy was the first solo female pilot to fly to Australia. This remarkable lady also broke records for flights from the UK, to Japan, Moscow and Cape Town. She sadly died during World War II on Active duty  for the Air Transport Auxiliary branch of the RAF. This book may prove interesting reading Unto the Skies: A Biography of Amy Johnson. Watch out for the Amy Johnson Coloured Moths around Hull and East Yorkshire
John Venn John Venn created the concept of Venn Diagrams at Hull University. His published studies, included Symbolic Logic. During 2017 Hull City Council painted one of the main bridges over the River Hull in a Venn Diagram Colour Scheme. Drypool Bridge was painted by artist Sarah Daniels.
Robert Blackburn Sir Robert Blackburn Sir Robert Blackburn, Aviator and Engineer who established Blackburn Aircraft at Brough just to the West of Hull on the River Humber. Brough built many aircraft that were used during World War II, e.g Skua, Swordfish. It is this site where the infamous low flying jet the Buccaneer was built. Hull University has a building named in tribute to Sir Robert Blackburn.
Stephen West Stephen West Award winning Hessle born DNA and DNA Repair specialist. Hi work is key to develop cancer cures. Studied Bio-Chemistry at Newcastle before working at Yale and working in cancer research organisations in the UK. Support Cancer Research Donate today.
LCD George Gray Professor George
Professor John Gray of Hull University was one of the key pioneers behind Liquid Crystal Technology without that TV, computers and the internet may not have happened!
Captain Henry Hulbert Hull Hall of Fame Hero Captain Henry Hulbert   The life of Hull born US Marine Captain Henry Hulbert is a Hollywood movie waiting to happen. He served in the British Civil Service in Malaysia before leaving for America after a family scandal. He joined the Marines and served gallantly in Samoa. He then served with extreme bravery and great leadership in the First World War, whilst in his fifties, having been awarded, the DSC, Purple Heart, Navy Cross, Croix de Guerre for during battles like, Belleau Wood, Soisson and Mont Blanc Ridge. The latter being where he lost his life in a final act of bravery just one month before the war ended. The US Marines still award a Hulbert Trophy for Leadership. The Destroyer named in his honour shot down a Japanese Torpedo Bomber in Pearl Harbour and is thought to be the first vessel to engage the Japanese. Read more here
John Cunningham Hull Hall of Fame Hero John Cunningham VC   John Cunningham VC Scunthorpe born but joined the East Yorkshire Regiment during World War . He fought in the Battle of the Ancre on the Somme. All of his colleagues were dead or wounded but he single handed took on 10 enemy soldiers earning a VC. He died in Hull in 1941 and is buried in Hull's Western Cemetry.
John "Jack" Harrison VC MC - Hull FC   This Hull FC Rugby League star volunteered for the British Army in World War One and was awarded the Military Cross and later a posthumous Victoria Cross for his bravery at Oppy Wood in France. He Served with the East Yorkshire Regiment and died aged 26 leaving a wife and son. In his brief Rugby career he scored 106 tries in only 116 appearances for Hull FC.
  Air Commordore Ronald Ras Berry DSO OBE   World War II Fighter Pilot who shot down at least 10 enemy aircraft including 3 Messerschmitts in one mission. As one of "The Few" he was asked to walk to walk in front of Churchill's coffin at his funeral.
Sir Barnes Wallis - Bouncing Bomb Sir Barnes Wallis   Sir Barnes Wallis MBE was stationed at Howden working on the Airships there. He went onto become one of the high profile engineers in the aviation sector. Famous for the bouncing bomb used on the Dambusters raid. His design concepts are still in use in the aviation industry today. There is a pub called the Sir Barnes Wallis in Howden. One of the airships made at Howden burst into flames over Hull on August 23rd 1921, killing 44 people. It was on a test flight before delivery to the US Navy.
Sir John Hall - Hull Hall of Fame Sir John Hall KCMG PM   Sir John Hall KCMG. This well educated man from Hull worked for the Post Office before heading off to New Zealand to become a sheep farmer. He worked through political ranks to become Prime Minister of New Zealand. Repeatedley putting Women's Suffrage bills to the Parliament, Women getting the
the vote in 1893. He worked alongside Kate Sheppard a leading light in New. Zealand's Suffrage Movement. New Zealand being the first country to give women the vote. The Life and Letters of Sir John Hall
De La Pole Family Hull Cottingham De La Pole
You will heard of De La Pole Hospital near Castle Hill, Cottingham. Interestingly, the De La Pole Family served the Royal court from around 1317 to 1387. William De La Pole served as Deputy Chief Butler to Edward II. His son Michael served Edward III as Chief Financier working for Edward - the Black Prince. He rose to Chancellor under Richard II. It came to an end when accused of Treason and exiled losing his Earl of Suffolk title. The Family history can be on the web. But they even get a mention in Shakespeare's Henry VI.
Dr Mary Murdoch - Hull Hall of Fame Dr Mary Murdoch (1864 - 1916)   Dr Mary Murdoch (1864 - 1916) - Hull's first female GP Doctor and also the founder of the Hull Women's Suffrage Society leaving the society when it became militant. Dr Murdoch had earlier worked as a surgeon att the Victoria Children's Hospital on Park Street in Hull. She was also one of the earliest car owners in the City too. Dr Murdoch's surgery was at 102 Beverley Road and worked with Dr Louisa Martindale.
Dr Mary Martindale - Hull Hall of Fame  Dr Louisa Martindale CBE   Dr Louisa Martindale CBE (1872 - 1966) -   worked with Dr Mary Murdoch .who was Hull's first female GP Doctor. Dr Martindale was also a member of the Hull Women's Suffrage Society. Dr Martindale CBE performed over 7000 operations and was an expert on Cervical Cancer and outspoken on Veneral Diseases and Sex Workers in the pre war years. She published a few books including an autobiography called A Woman Surgeon. During World War I Dr Martindale worked at Royaumont Abbey Hospital which is where the wounded from the Battle of the Somme were attended to.
Gassy Jack - Hull Hall of Fame  Gassy Jack / John Deighton (1830- 1875)   Hull Sailor Gassy Jack / John Deighton set up a Saloon in Lucky-Luck in Western Canada after years of sailing and prospecting. Larger than life character full of chat or "Gas". The area became known as Gastown after Gassy Jack and was the foundation for what became Vancouver. There is a Statue of him still in Vancouver. This Sailor, Captain, River Pilot, Prospector, Bar-Owner, Hotelier, seemed to have packed wild times into his 44 years of life. What a guy, Gassy Jack we salute you!
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