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A small band of us from the Hull and Cottingham area trying to help portray the city in a postive way for its many achievements down the years. Hull has sometimes been portrayed negatively but there are so many famous people and events from this monumental city. We just want to celebrate those people that were born or made Hull their home for a while.

We hope you enjoy spending a little time here and if we have missed anything or you want to add or correct something drop us a line via email @ contactus@hulloffame.com.

The site is in early days of production and we do intend to have more detailed descriptions overtime. We are still learning how to do websites but giving it a go!

The amazon links that are used on this site are how the site is funded. The webspace and the website name (Hulloffame), the computers used and the team require a bit of funding to make this website exist. So if you buy something from the Amazon links we get a tiny commission and it will just help us to carry on! Thanks for your support.

Come on you 'ull.

Remember Its Never Dull in Hull!