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The City of Hull and East Yorkshire is blessed with great people down the ages inventors, explorers, writers, poets, actors, bands, musicians and comedians. The area also has great places museums;Maritime, Willerforce House, Hull Transport, East Riding Museum. Art Galleries like; the Ferens Art Gallery and Beverley's Treasury House, great art works also exist in the Hull Maritime Museum, Hull University and Humber Street Gallery.

Hull & East Yorkshires Stars, innovators and Famous actors, writers, bands, explorers, inventors

Steve Winterburn - Artists Art   Find out about local artists; Fred Elwell, Steve Winterburn, Ward, David Remfrey, etc. Also about artists who have painted in the area like; David Hockney, Terence Cuneo, Banksey, etc.  
Fred Elwell Artist About Find out about the City of Hull Hall of Fame Team and why we are here and how to contact us. Feel free to contribute and suggest via  
Rank Group Started in Hull Brand   See the old and new brands from or based affiliated with the Hull, fron Aunt Bessies, Rank and  Reckitts to Chip Spice, Needlers and Hull Brewery.  
Beautiful South Hull Hall of fame  Contact Us How to contact us at the Hull of Fame Team. To help provide information, corrections or if you want to sponsor us or advertise here.
Hull of Fame - Wilberforce Home   City of Hull's Hall of Fame Website Homepage. Website trying to raising the profile of the City of Hull and East Yorkshire. Hull has more than its fairshare of famous; writers, actors, poets, explorers, scientists, artists, sculpters, singers, bands, etc.
Amy Johnson Hull Aviator  Innovators

The City of Hull and East Yorkshire has had many great inspirational engineers, explorers, scientists and polictians throughout the years who have made their mark on the World. One of Hull's foremost people who was key to the abolotion of slavery, Sir William Wilberforce. Record Breaking Brave Aviator Amy Johnson was also from the Hull and East Yorkshire area. The Venn diagram hails from Hull University and the screen you are reading this webpage on will have been based on Liquid Cristal Technology developed in Hull University.

Dean Windass Hull Hall of Fame Sport Hull is known as a Rugby League haven with two teams (Hull FC and Hull KR)  in the top flight. Hull City Football club were at the top flight until recently. The city also boasts a fine Ice Hockey team. There are also notable stars like Luke Campbell, Sir Clive Sullivan, Nicky Barmby, Karen Briggs, etc.  
Maureen Lipman Hull of Fame  TV and Film Discover the City of  Hull's outstanding arts and drama scene - you can explore some of Hull's most famous entertainers; John Godber, Maureen Lipman, Sir Tom Courtenay, Ian Carmichael, Reece Sheersmith,Shiela Mercier, etc.
Phillip Larkin Poet  Writers Hull has a history of famous poets, screenwriters, producers, film directors and playwrights. There seem to be many Poets featuring in Hull history we should be know as the country's Eastern Poets Corner. Phillip Larkin, Andrew Marvell, Andrew Motion, Tom Paulin all have huge Hull connections.