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Hull of Fame - Famous Brands and Icons from City of Hull & East Yorkshire

Hull and East Yorkshire area has many great brands and businesses. This is a new page so we are still looking for suggestions. 

Hull of Fame - Famous Current Brands of Hull and East Yorkshire also added some iconic images.

Hulls very own Chip Spice   Chip Spice is one the of hot new brands from the city of Hull. Popular with the young and old. Great not just on Chips but Roast Spuds and a flourishing touch to top your Garlic Bread
Aunt Bessies Yorkshire Puddings - who would have through of freezing yorkshire puddings. This product made in Hull sells well around the UK.  
Reckitts  Reckitts now known as Reckitt Benckiser.  Large company which has many household brands like Clearasil, Dettol, Cillit Bang, Strepsils, Airwick, Brasso and errr DUREX. The Company started in Dansom Street in Hull in 1840 and are still based there.
Spiders Night Club Hull of Fame Slightly odd having a night club on the brands but travelling the UK and world when I say where I live. Response is frequently, is Wow Hull, is Spiders still there? That place is epic. Then some story of a Spiders escapade would follow! Great ice breaker at a business meeting. Its wierd brand of cocktails, Pink Pugsleys, Green Gremlins, etc.  
Adelphi - Paul Jackson   The Adelphi ran by Paul Jackson- Many bands played at this legendary iconic club. Deserves its niche in both the Hull and UK Music Industry. Bands that played, included; The Pulp, Oasis, Stone Roses, Radio Head, Manic Street Preachers, Shamen, Inspiral Carpets, ChumbaWumba (yes they of Lord Prescott fame) as well as the House Martins. Read their history page. Also check out this Look North Clip of the Adelphi at 25 years celebration with Jarvis Cocker.  
Rank Movies originated from Hull   Baron J. Arthur Rank the mogul who started the massive movie organisation that were the driving force for the Pinewood studios and mang great family movies..
Household Names like Alfred Hitchcock, Norman Wisdom  were regulars Rank studio films. Born on Holderness Road near the Windmill this guy made his mark. Buy this 75th Anniversary Rank Collection. There is a biography of Baron J. Arthur Rank and his impact on the film industry J. Arthur Rank and the British Film Industry (Cinema and Society) .
Hull Brewery Hull of Fame   Hull Brewery formed in 1888 although its origins can be traced back further to Dagger Lane in 1782. The company name gradually disappeared when it was taken over by Mansfield Brewery in 1985. The brewery was on Wright Street and the entrance can still be seen from Hull New Theatre.  
Hull Phone Company  
Hull's unique White Telephone Boxes began to appear in 1936. This one at Skidby Mill. Hull City Council was allowed to set up its own Phone Network in 1902 and started 2 years later. It was known as Hull Telephone Department until it was sold off by the council in 1986. It became Kingston Communications. Changing again to KCOM when the council sold the last of its stake in the company.
Below, Skidby White Telephone Box with the sunrise outline of Hull
Hull box
Blackburn Aircraft Hall of Fame BAe Systems   The area has long ties to the aviation industry. Sir Robert Blackburn set up an aircraft manufacturing facility at Brough in 1915. He discovered the site after diverting there avoiding a Zeppelin raid in Hull. Nestling on the River Humber it was perfect for Sea Planes. The site made aircraft like the Skua, B2, Beverley, Buccaneer, Harrier and Hawk. It was eventually absorbed into Hawker-Siddeley followed by British Aerospace and then into BAe Systems. Site employed about 5000 peole in the early 1980's all resplendant in their blue overalls.Train loads of Hull folks in blue overalls would head off to Brough everyday at various shift times
BAe Brand Hall Hull of Fame
Needlers - Hull Hall of Fame   Needlers  started in about 1860 from humble origins with 2 staff and a horse and cart. In the 1930's the company discovered a new way of making clear boil friut sweets  that revolutionised the confectionaary market at the time. They were known at the time as fair employers with a proft sharing scheme and welfare clubs. The smell of the Cocoa being processed used to waft across the city. Needlers has sadly moved its Hull based opertions to York and elsewhere.  
MKM - Hall Hull of Fame   MKM - has an amazing 50+ branch network despite it only being formed in 1995. Their Head Office is in Stoneferry alonsgide the River Hull. The company was formed by David Kilburn and Peter Murray who shoukd be celebrated for this amng growth and success!  
Jacksons Bread - Hull Hall of Fame   Jacksons Bakery started in 1851 is part of the William Jacksons Food Group, The Hull City Centre and Spring bank area often have the lovely smell of baking bread. Their bread is now sold country wide.  
Mark Hill Hull of Fame   Multi-award winning Mark Hill hair stylst who started in a salon in Hessle. He then moved to a Hull City Centre location and entering competitions round the world. As his reputation grew he became the hair stylest of choice for many famous celeberaties. He has a huge range of styling products; shampoos, creams, hairdryers and tongues.  
Hull Monopoly - Hull City Hall of Fame   Hull Monopoly Board Game - This Hull version of Monopoly appeared in the build up for the Hull City of culture period. Hull is City of Culture from 2017 to 2021 when the Culture title moves to the City of Coventry.  
Comet - Hull City of Hull Hall of Fame   Comet - Now demised national Electrical Retailer whose headquarters were on George Street in the Hull City Centre. Think most people in the country would have purchased stuff from Comet at some point. There demise happened rapidly. I went to their closing down sale in Hull and only a few damaged shelves remained. They had sold all the stock and most of tbe shop fittings too, was a very drammatic end.  
Hull Barnsley Railway - Hull Hall of Fame   Hull and Barnsley Railway sadly no longer operational but elements of the railway still exist throughout Hull and East Yorkshire. The Railway to the docks is still operational but the rest has been dismantled. Bridges through Willerby have been removed but you can see the embankment starting at Haltemprice Sports Centre. Steam outlet chimneys can be seen at South Cave. Some Tunnels are used for hazardous waste. There is an active society preserving rolling stock and sharing data on the old track routes, etc. Check out their website. Their preserved rolling stock is displayed at Goathland on the North Yorks Moors Railway.  
BBC Radio Humberside Hall of Fame - City of Hull   Radio Humberside adds a vibrancy to Hull, East Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire. It is a great asset to the community in times of crisis.
Award winning presenter David Burns AKA Burnsy adds great energy to the area and heroic at giving local projects a boost!
Deep - Icons of Hull - Hull Hall of Fame   A new icon of the city of Hull is The Deep. This unique submarium attracts huge crowds to the area but also looks stunning to. It houses amazing aquariums which you can walk around, over, through, under. Also has fossils, penguins, talks, etc. Visit The Deep website. To take a picture like the one of the left Head for Nelson Street for yout SatNav Post Code HU1 IXE. From the pier you can get pictures of the Deep, Oss Wash, a distant Humber Bridge and the Ferries.  
Humber Bridge - Icon - Hull Hall of Fame   Another Icon of the area near to Hull Humber Bridge. Good viewing spots can be found on the approach to the Country Park Inn [Postcode HU13 0HB. This is located on Hessle Foreshore plenty of parking.]
Humber Bridge Hull of fame
Hull on Fire - Hall of Fame   Both World Wars saw Hull being bombed. Hull was bombed by Zeppelins in World War one. In World War II it was devasted. The extent of Hulls bombing was covered up during the war but it was an easy target being close to the continent and easy to find on the Humber Estuary. So many of Hull's iconic buildings and brands did not survive the devistation.  There is finally a book there explores the Hull Bombing story; City on Fire: Kingston upon Hull 1939-45.  
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